International Journal of Inventory Control and Management

International Journal of Inventory Control and ManagementJan-June 2019 Vol:8 Issue:1

Preservation technology for sustainable fuzzified inventory model for a stock and price-dependent demand


The inventory control of perishable items needsvery special attention due to the deterioration effects and this can be prevented by enhancing preservation technology otherwise it can directly reduce the total profit and revenue of a producer. In any business formation sustainability is a very pragmatic situation due to the rapid demand for environmental issues. To overcome these types of challenges, a producer must apply a green approach to their cost which is economically advantageous. In the present study, a model is considered where demand is stock and price is dependent on carbon emission cost. Shortages are allowed with partial backlogging. Further, the model is illustrated by numerical examples to validate the model. The sensitivity technique is applied through MATHEMATICA -12 to analyze the model with respect to major parameters and the model is explained through pictorial depiction. 



Surbhi Singhal, Akshika Rastogi, SR Singh and R.B. Singh  ( Pages 1-15 )
Affiliation: Department of Statistics D. N. College, Meerut      DOI:


Sustainability, carbon emission, inventory, stock dependent, stock, price dependent, shortage, partial backlogging, preservation, environmental


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